Double Glazing in Norfolk

modern window install double glazing in Norfolk

The future of uPVC windows in Norfolk.

With many homes in the Norfolk area being period homes this can make upgrading double glazing existing windows and doors in Norfolk more difficult.

When you are considering replacing windows in a period home there are many things to take in to account.

New double glazing windows can completely transform the appearance, comfort and security of your home.

But before taking on such a large project as with any major alterations to your property. It is important to reflect on your reasons for making the change and your end goals.

What are the best options for double glazing in Norfolk

The options for double glazed windows and doors has never been so vast. The most popular are uPVC and timber.

Both of these options fit well into period homes in and around Norfolk. One option we recommend is flush fitting windows.

period home fitted with double glazing

What are flush fitting windows

The design for flush casement windows has been around for more than 200 years. However, we have seen a rising demand for these classic style windows in both timber and uPVC double glazing projects in Norfolk.

Below we have listed some of the benefits of flush fitting windows

  1. Visually pleasing
  2. Modern and traditional
  3. 10-year guarantee
  4. Double or triple glazing options
  5. Bespoke
  6. You can use it in conservation areas
flush casement windows in Norfolk

Replacing double glazing in Norfolk in a period building

We highly recognise the need to preserve the environment by reducing heat loss in our homes.

This can present a problem when trying to balance the need for energy efficiency and the preservation of architectural heritage.

Replacing any windows in your home now requires building regulation approval from your local council. You will have to apply for this before work can commence.

Listed buildings and conservation areas

modern listed renovations double glazing in Norfolk

Listed buildings are protected by law and it will be required to obtain listed buildings consent by making an application to your local council.

As a rule, a listed building consent is rarely given for replacement double glazing in Norfolk. However, some styles may be accepted especially if they have been designed to replicate the original windows.

If double glazing is not an option, you may be able to apply secondary glazing to your existing windows, or you can also take other compensatory measures such as roof or floor insulation, thermally lined curtains and secondary glazing.


There are many options available for double glazing in Norfolk. Even on period homes the options are vast.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what options are available to you