Double Glazing Grants For HomeOwners

Modern windows available with double glazing grants

What double glazing grant options are available to UK homeowners.

Currently, under the green homes scheme, UK homeowners and landlords will be able to access funding for both primary and secondary home improvements. This includes double glazing grants .

Homeowners and landlords can access grants of up to £10000 for individual households. Also, anyone claiming a state pension or living disability allowance is very likely to be able to access grants for double glazing windows and doors.

Home Repair Assistance Grant

Under the home repair assistance scheme, you could be entitled to a £5000 grant spread over 3 years. To be eligible to claim this grant, you need to meet the following criteria;

  1. 60 years or older
  2. 18 or older and have a disability or receive disability living allowance
  3. 18 or older and receive universal credit
double glazing grants for home energy efficiency

Green homes grant vouchers

The green homes grant covers a range of home improvements. The scheme will provide vouchers for one or more energy saving solutions.

These include;

  1. Solar thermal heating
  2. Biomass boilers
  3. Underfloor, cavity wall, solid wall or roof insulation
  4. Ground-source or air source heat pump

Any household will be required to install one of the above home improvements as a primary improvement. Once this has been completed, you can apply for secondary funding for one or more of the measures listed below.

These include;

  1. Double or Triple Glazing for doors and windows
  2. Upgrading to energy-efficient doors
  3. Digital thermostat/heating controls

What are the benefits of double glazing

different types of double glazing styles available with grants for double glazing

There are so many benefits to installing double glazing in to your home listed below are just a few of these;

  1. Noise pollution reduction
  2. Easier to keep your home warm in the winter months
  3. Lower energy bills
  4. Keeps your home cooler in the summer
  5. Added security
  6. Extra insulation
  7. Reduced chance of mould and damp

What affects the average price of new windows and doors

There is a range of things that can affect the price of new windows and doors, from style, colour to the material used to produce your new doors and windows.

There is no such thing as a standard size window. They are all made to measure. You can, however, get an average price by the number of windows in your house.

The average house that has 8 windows made from uPVC would start from £4200 installed when compared to the most expensive material, which is timber. Prices can start at £5600 for the same 8 window house.

window price comparisons

The options are out there claim your double glazing grants here today.

If you would like to find out what double glazing grants you meet the criteria for please do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your options.

We are glad to help you with any double glazing grant solutions that are available.