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Double Glazing Grants For HomeOwners

What double glazing grant options are available to UK homeowners. Currently, under the green homes scheme, UK homeowners and landlords will be able to access funding for both primary and secondary home improvements. This includes double glazing grants . Homeowners and landlords can access grants of up to £10000 for individual households. Also, anyone claiming a state pension or living disability allowance is very likely to be able to access grants for double glazing windows and doors. Home Repair Assistance Grant Under the home repair assistance scheme, you could be entitled to a £5000 grant spread over 3 years. To be eligible to claim this grant, you need to meet…Continue readingDouble Glazing Grants For HomeOwners

Solar Panels

How Do You Install Your Own Solar Panels?

In modern times, it is becoming ever increasingly important to be both eco-friendly and independent, but that brings in the question: how do you install your own solar panels? And more importantly, should you? By installing solar panels for your home, you will be helping towards a greener, cleaner planet. This means that you will be reducing your use of fossil fuels, and also the amount you take from the National Grid. You will not only be helping to save the planet, but you will also be saving on your energy bills. Solar panels can be very beneficial to your home, from producing free energy for you, to increasing your…Continue readingHow Do You Install Your Own Solar Panels?